The Terrific Turnout Program

Are you ready to improve your TURNOUT!? Check out the latest Feel Good Physio program created specifically for dancers to help them improve their turnout! HOW? By stretching the tight structures and strengthening their muscles that control turnout, all from the comfort of their own home!

It is a common misconception that turnout comes from your feet or your lower limb, but this is completely false!! True turnout comes from the HIP JOINT. A lot of dancers suffer back, hip, knee, shin and foot injuries from “forcing” turnout using their lower limbs and feet.

Although this can be somewhat aesthetically pleasing, you can cause yourself many ongoing issues from trying to improve your turnout this way. True and the most beautiful turnout is achieved using the deep outward rotators of the hip. These muscles are deep within the buttock and are often forgotten in strengthening routines.

Individual turnout is determined by a number of factors including:

  • Bony anatomy
  • Joint capsule tightness
  • Ligament tightness
  • Muscle constraints

While you can’t change your bony anatomy, what you CAN change is your joint, ligament and muscle constraints. By following the exercises in this program you will release and stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weaker muscles, which we can almost guarantee will improve your turnout in just four weeks!

Early intervention is best in regards to improving your turnout, so get onto this while you’re still young to give your body the best chance to adapt and achieve an optimal result. This program will also help you with your extension height… magic.

This easy-to-follow four week program features over 18 exercises for you to carry out and is the perfect solution to assist any dancer! It’s a downloadable file which will be emailed directly to you after purchase, which means you can carry out your exercises whenever and wherever you may be.

If you have any questions during your program or if you want any advice, please get in touch – we are happy to help!

Equipment required: Spikey BallResistance Set (or piece of theraband), Loop Band, Small Soccer Ball. 

Terrific Turnout Program
Terrific Turnout Program
A 4 week program to help you strengthen muscles, joint capsules and ligaments, prevent injuries and ultimately improve your turnout, flexibility and posture!

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