Mind & Body Coach Lachlan Stuart joined us as a guest speaker at our most recent Wellness Workshop event in Brisbane, where he shared a powerful talk on the importance of happiness and the tools that we can use to implement more happiness into our own lives on a day-to-day basis. We wanted to get to know Lachlan even more and share his valuable message across our networks, so if you think you could benefit from his health and wellness tips, check out his interview with The Feel Good Physio below!

importance of happiness with lachlan stuart

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’ve been working in the health and fitness space for close to 10 years and started out as a personal trainer. After spending some time playing rugby over in France I returned to Australia feeling lost, unhappy and unfulfilled. This started my journey to finding out how to truly be happy. For me, it helped ignite a burning desire to help men become healthier – physically, mentally and emotionally. I now uses fitness as a tool to show people that happiness comes from within.


What inspired you to start coaching?

I was inspired to start coaching because I always think back to how different my late teens/early 20’s could have been if I had a solid role model. I know that my story isn’t unique which is why I feel it is relatable to so many men who feel empty.

Tell me about how you help men with their mental and emotional wellbeing?

I just help them bring it back to the basics. Most of us struggle because we build our lives around external validation which costs us our own happiness. I go back to what really drives a person and help them build an environment to support that.

You know how much I pump athletes to do their recovery… What did you do for your recovery?

My recovery is the most important thing I do daily. Every day I do the following (keep in mind I prioritise the time):

  • 15/20minutes of trigger pointing/ rolling
  • 15/20 minutes of ROMWOD  (range of motion workout)
  • 15/20 minutes of Hot/Cold therapy
  • Sleep minimum 7hrs (ideally 8)
  • 5 minutes of nasal breathing
  • Plus post workout nutrition and supplements

What podcast are you listening to at the moment?

I flick between:

  • Ben Greenfield
  • Wellfit with Lachie Stuart (plug)
  • Aubrey Marcus podcast

What supplement couldn’t you live without?

  • Fish oils
  • Magnesium
  • Greens

What’s your best health and wellness tip?

It’s a journey so embrace the journey to find what works best for you.

To follow Lachlan’s journey and find out more about the importance of health and happiness in mind and body, head to @lachlanstuart

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